In the box

For some time now, the box shape has been back in fashion. The fashion magazines are full of tops or jackets in all sorts of materials and colors. Now you can wear boxy tops even belly-free again – great to a waist-high skirt (assuming, of course, you have the right figure)! But unfortunately such outfits are nothing for the office. My male (and probably also female) colleagues would probably fall over with horror if I came to the office in a belly-free top…

That’s why I prefer the boxy jacket. It is a real all-rounder, timeless and elegant, and fits perfectly into the office. Normally boxy jackets are rather short-cut, slightly wider on the shoulders. Therefore, the lower part should be narrow, which lengthens the legs optically. Great for this are, for example, narrow pants, pencil skirts or the dress coat. Usually a boxy jacket has no collar – mine has one. This jacket was designed by Coco Chanel in 1954.

I combine my nude-colored jacket to a narrow ankle-length black pants and high heels. They stretch the leg a few centimeters. The whole is rounded off with a nude-colored varnish bag. In my opinion, a great outfit in modern business.











Tatjanas Outfit:

Jacket: Gant
Pants: Patrizia Pepe
Shoes: Armani
Bag: Coccinelle


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