It’s all about interpretation (Part 2)

Recently I presented an outfit to you with the same black costume as in today’s example. I packed the former outfit into the modern category. Because of some details – especially shoes and bag – it did not fit into the classic track. Today I want to show how you can style the same black costume the classic way.

First it is important that the shoes are closed and not too high. In my present example I wear black pumps and a black handle bag. The blouse is plain white and has, in contrast to the previous example sleeves, I rolled up, as well as the sleeves of the blazer. Then the outfit does not look stuffy. To top it all I wear a pearl necklace with a pearl pendant.

Overall, this outfit looks a lot more serious and mature than the modern counterpart and is therefore ideally suited for business meetings.










Tatjanas Outfit:

Blouse: H&M
Skirt: Patrizia Pepe
Blazer: More & More
Shoes: 8
Bag: Coccinelle
Wath: Citizen
Necklace with pendant: Thomas Sabo


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