It’s all about interpretation

A black costume, to a cream-colored blouse – actually the epitome of classic workwear. So why today’s outfit ended up in the modern category? For many reasons. As so often it occurs on the details. First, the blouse is sleeveless. This is a no-go in the conservative professions – the shoulders need to be covered. In all other occupations that’s okay. I like to wear the blouse in the summer, because it is airy, but very elegant. For business appointments I leave the blazer on, then it does not fall on that the blouse has no sleeves.

Reason number two are again the shoes –slingbacks with peep toe of bright patent leather. What is completely o.k. in most occupations, in conservative profession is taboo. Shoes should be closed, so no peep toes – and certainly not of patent leather.

However, as I mentioned in other posts, when it comes to shoes, I rarely follow the dress code. I love shoes too much, as I could limit myself to subtle colors in an acceptable level. And so I like to combine special shoes to classic outfits. In today’s example, I wear a color matching bag – also made of patent leather. If already, because already :-)

Here you can see how to style the same black costume the classic way.










Tatjanas Outfit:

Blouse: H&M
Skirt: Patrizia Pepe
Blazer: More & More
Shoes: Kennel & Schmenger
Bag: Coccinelle
Watch: Citizen


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