The office classic

In my current example I wear a bow blouse in silk – a true classic among office outfits. It looks very feminine and playful. The material is smooth and airy, which means a high wearing comfort. Despite the long sleeves you do not sweat even on hot days. The blouse feels incredibly pleasant on the skin.

But despite all the advantages of silk is a little difficult to clean. You should wash it by hand preferably with a mild soap or a special silk detergent. Never wring! Also during ironing you need to consider a few things: The blouse should be ironed on the left and not too hot. The best results you get when it is still slightly damp.

But back to outfit. I combine the blouse to the classic black pencil skirt. The simple Pumps in dark red make a great contrast to the strong turquoise tone. This is definitely one of my favorite outfits :-)









Tatjanas Outfit:

Blouse: Windsor
Skirt: Patrizia Pepe
Bag: Coccinelle
Shoes: 8


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