Recognition feature

Some footwear models can be assigned to a specific label quickly and easily. Why? Because they have a very special feature, which is only used by a single manufacturer – cheap copies are of course excluded. Christian Louboutin is recognizable by the red sole, Gucci often by the characteristic buckle, Roger Vivier by the unusual form of the heel. These features make the shoe something special. This is reflected in his wearer.

In my example today, I wear high moccasins made of fine suede with a wide heel in a discreet gray. The recognition feature is often the knobs on the rear cap in the heel area. The shoes are from the Italian fashion company Tod’s. The brand is mainly known for handmade bags and shoes. The emphasis is on processing and quality, which is very important to me personally. But I like the shoes especially because they are totally comfortable. The reason for this is on the one hand the wide heel – here you have to balance less than on a stiletto heel, which is much more pleasant. Moreover, the leather is very soft and feels great on the skin. In my opinion, the perfect business shoe. But you have to be very careful with bright suede, which is the reason why I can wear it only in good weather or indoors, in order not to risk any unsightly spots.


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