High heels are usually on top of my wish list. The reason is that I am simply not taken so seriously as a running meter in the business world – at least it makes it difficult to get started. High heels make me not only bigger, but also more self-confident. They change the entire posture. Combined with the right outfit, high heels can bring true miracles. It is sometimes unbelievable how the behavior of the people changes, when they first get to know me in the leisure look and then in the business style.

But despite all love, I sometimes wear flat shoes. In my example today, I show you my current favorite pair: Red suede shoes from Stuart Weitzman with a buckle and a mini-heel of about one centimeter. They fit perfectly to cloth trousers, dresses, but also to jeans – and they are very comfortable. The best thing is the shape. The shoe tip is more angular and not round, as with the classic ballerina, which often seems too girlish. I wanted these shoes as my last birthday present – and would not ever take them off


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