Gray, and all its different shades, is currently one of my absolute favorite colors in the wardrobe. Gray is a neutral color and fits in with everything. It can be perfectly combined with other colors. Depending on the material and the cut, it does not look anything but inconspicuous. Even a tone on tone look can work by choosing clothes and accessories in different shades. In other words, the color gray has no longer its gray mouse image.

I especially like gray accessories at the moment. So I immediately fell in love with this handbag from Coccinelle (one of my absolute favorite labels for bags). I had the B14 in the sights for a long time. I especially like the tapered shape and the triangular element below the flap. The bag fits perfectly with a business outfit, is relatively simple, but still special. And it has a high recognition value.

Moreover it is also practical, because it has several compartments inside, which makes the constant search for various items of daily life, which women constantly carry around, enormously relieved. When I discovered the bag in my favorite color, I could not pass it anymore. The only drawback: unfortunately it is a bit too small. So you have to think carefully about what to take with you and leave unnecessary stuff at home. This can also be an advantage on the other hand :-)


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