Hello fall

It cannot be denied anymore – the summer is over. The leaves turn brown, the days become shorter. I’ve been trying to ignore this fact for a long time, and walked bravely in my sandals and pencil skirt to the office, but now I have to stand by the fact that I’ve lost the fight against the weather. I capitulate. That’s why I adjusted my clothes to the weather today.

Do not get me wrong, fall is by far my favorite season. It has a very characteristic smell of foliage, stoves and cold. I think there is a very special atmosphere in the months of October to December, which I cannot really describe. And I love to make it comfortable with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book wrapped in a blanket on the couch. Or stroll through the city and watch the hustle and bustle before Christmas.

But as much as I love the fall, in terms of styling it is, unfortunately, a little tricky. For the thick coat and the lined boots it is still too early. On the other hand I freeze in the thin blazer, skirt and pumps my butt off. In my example today, I would like to show you my alternative for a cool fall look.

The boyfriend jeans I combine casually to the leather jacket, gray pullover and cuddly scarf. The ultra-high booties match perfectly with the leather jacket. The jacket is already a few years old and is therefore a bit worn, but I think that has to be so with a leather jacket. Overall, I think this outfit is extremely cool, although not very suitable for the office. Also in color it fits perfectly to the season.











Tatjanas Outfit:

Leather jacket: Sluis Leder
Blouse: Esprit
Pullover: Colors of the world
Jeans: Calvin Klein
Scarf: Silk-Kashmir-Mix, a souvenir from Budapest
Shoes: Rachel Zoe
Belt: Aigner


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