Since my last post a few weeks have passed. Reason for the long break was the move to my first – and, when I look at the price, last – own apartment. And, of course, the last construction phase that has robbed me of all the energy and nerves.

It was incredibly exciting to see the entire process, to see how from nowhere a stone became a house, to sniff the neighbors at the topping-out ceremony, when finally the shell stood. The most interesting of course was the interior design. I was delighted, like a child in the toy store, when the parquet was laid or the kitchen was installed.

The joy did not last long. Every building owner, whether it be a house or apartment, knows that many things are going wrong on the construction site. It has to be that way. So I was prepared for the worst. It got worse. What I have experienced in incompetence over the past few months makes me seriously doubt the intelligence of the human race. I spare you the details – I could write a book about it now. Some things were so absurd that they could almost be funny once they had not happened to me. In a few years I can surely laugh about it.

I have the hope that until Christmas the last flaws are eliminated and I can start relaxed in a new year. However, the experience has taught me, that hope is a bitch! Nevertheless it is a great feeling, if one realizes for the first time that the new home belongs to one himself – and of course the bank (at least temporarily), but hey, who cares…

So, now we come slowly to the essence. Actually, this article should be an outfit-post. To the short-sleeved gray/white striped blouse I combine color-matching heels. The highlight of course is the green pants. I like the color very much and the tight cut. She flatters the figure and makes a great butt.

Just see for yourself :-)









Tatjanas Outfit:

Blouse: Vero Moda
Pants: Patrizia Pepe
Shoes: Tod’s
Bag: Coccinelle
Belt: Buckles & Belts
Watch: Citizen
Jewelry (amber): A gift from my mum


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