Small but nice

As some of my friends have seen the pictures of this article for the first time, the question was: “Cool bag! Is it new?” In fact, it is almost ten years old. And I can count on one hand how many times I have worn in the past ten years. But why? It is actually very nice. I like the color very much. The large Guess logo and embroidered symbols stand out from other bags, which makes it very special. And yet it stays the most time – securely packed in a dust bag – in my closet.

The reason is obvious. It is a clutch. It is small, it fits just a wallet and a lipstick. You can wear such a bag to evening events or celebrations, but not actually in the office. And since I’m a hamster and feel the need to take half of my budget in my bag with me, a size-zero-bag comes in everyday life not really in question.

But my friends are right, it is a cool bag. And I think, in future I’ll wear it more often :-)


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