Love at first sight

Since a few years, shoes made of lacquer leather have been totally fashionable. I admit that for a long time I had my doubts about whether I like this trend. Until I finally discovered these great slings by Kennel and Schmenger. It was love at first sight. I know they do not quite match the classic business shoe (closed, maximum 6 cm high, no lacquer leather, no plateau), but this applies to almost every pair of shoes from my repertoire.

In the summer, I like wearing slings. They are airy – the feet do not sweat – but still look very elegant and stylish. In combination with a pencil skirt they have the greatest effect. I like the color of the pair from my example today. Nude is not just fashionable, it is also totally uncomplicated, because it fits to almost everything. The golden buckle also gives my shoes the certain something without being intrusive. They are high but not too high. All these great features make them a popular companion in my office day.


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