With boots to the office

Boots in the office are a difficult thing. Because, according to the “business-rules”, they do not fit into the office, especially in classic professions. But when the temperatures drop, you often have no other alternative as a woman. At minuscels, snow, ice and slush, pumps are definitely the worse choice. If there is no other possibility, you should wear the boots on your way to work, but you should bring another pair of shoes and take off your boots immediately when you arrive at the office.

In my opinion, this can not be said so flatly. It always depends on the boots. An elegant black leather boot with a filigree heel can be worn in my eyes perfectly under the dress pants or to the pencil skirt also in the classic business. In modern professions it may be more. From biker boots or rough boots, however, I highly recommend. They simply do not look like a serious businesswoman.

In my report today, I show you an example of the modern variant. Here I combine a pair of brown boots with block heels to a color-matching handbag and dark jeans. The whole thing is done by a simple black blazer.











Tatjanas Outfit:

Blazer: More & More
Blouse: Zara
Jeans: Calvin Klein
Scarf: Silk-Kashmir-Mix, a souvenir from Budapest
Boots: Geox
Bag: Furla
Gloves: Roeckl



  1. Stefan

    Wunderschönes Outfit! Ich trage selber als Mann hohe stiefel und im Winter gibt es nichts besseres. Als Mann ist es noch unagebracht sollche Schuhe im Büro anzuziehen, aber ist einfach die beste Wahl.

  2. Natalie

    Ich fknde auch, man sollte die Stiefel im Büro gegen eleganteres Schuhwer wechseln. Im Übrigen schwitzen die Füße aucv schneller darin und das fühlt sich dann nicht so toll an….


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