Not long ago, my cousin finally married his girlfriend. Of course the wedding should be a glittering celebration. I love weddings. Guests make chic, there is a mountain of food, show performances (at least at our Russian weddings), people dance and celebrate the whole night.

And every time the invitation flutters into the house, I stand at the big question: What should I wear? I don’t like to wear the same dress to two different weddings, especially if the guests are mostly identical – which necessarily is the case when you have a huge family in which all constantly invite the other.

Since I was 14 I was at least at one wedding a year, usually there were more. This means that over the years a whole bunch of wedding outfits has accumulated in my wardrobe. Most of these dresses sadly exist, doomed to depend forever on the bracket. Because they are not suitable for everyday use. That’s why I have now got used to buy clothes, that I can wear in the office too.

So in today’s example. This great high-necked dress by Karen Millen with cut-outs at the back is a real all-rounder. With the right accessories and the right hairstyle you can create a great wedding-look – with a little less glamour it can also be a great business outfit.









Tatjanas Outfit:

Dress: Karen Millen
Bag: Ein Geschenk
Shoes: Roberto Festa


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