Next year I’ll learn how to walk …

Like many people, I have a New Year resolution. And like it is with many people, it’s  every year the same thing: I want to do something “for me”. Something that is good for me and I would not treat me otherwise. Last year I decided on a workshop called “How to walk in high heels”. Do we need that? See yourself.

Looking for something “good for me” I stumbled across Edeltraud. Edeltraud teaches to walk. Her message: Highheels do not have to hurt your feet. It depends on the correct walk and the right shoes. Sounds great, I thought and signed up for the basic workshop “Elegant on high heels” in February.

I was very unsure of what to expect and was worried to embarrass myself in front of a crowd of Models. The nervousness I could have saved me, however. The other participants were “normal” women, like you and me and all ages. Among others there was a bride with entourage, two girls who had received the workshop as a gift for their 18th birthday and some women who wear highheels in business. Edeltraud welcomed all participants in a very nice way and made sure, everyone felt happy and comfortable.

First, we pulled of the shoes. “You have to feel your feet!”, told us Edeltraud. In a circle of chairs we massaged our own feet, stretched and creamed them well. Edeltraut showed us various strengthening exercises for the feet. Ever since then I brush my teeth in the morning on tiptoe in Ballerina Style and bobbing slowly up and down at the subway station. 😉

But Elegant Walking gets fixed not only to high heels. The whole body posture plays a role. We loosened and shook us to feel hip, back and shoulders. I felt a little silly, as we stretched ourselves and were circling the hips. “Dwell in you,” Edeltraud told us. Apparently I got out there, because Edeltraud was satisfied. So I was too.

Finally, it was time to “go”, first barefoot. Edeltraud looked at our walk and divided us into one of five types-categories, which she herself had designed.

Very quickly she realized where need for improvement was appropriate and gave us advice. My problem is the shoulders. When I walk without thinking about it, it seems very stiff. For an elegant, feminine walk she gave me the tip to be more pliable in the back. Not to stiffen the shoulders too much, but to be gentle. I tried it and behold, the difference was immediately visible.

Another tip was that the knees should lightly touch while walking. “The knees have to kiss!” We tried it out and I was amazed what a huge difference a small body movement made. The walk  of the participants looked elegant.

The knees have to kiss!
The knees have to kiss!

The advice from Edeltraud summarized for you:

  • Don’t completely stiffen the hip area, let it resonate. The hip movement looks natural, if you let it sag while walking. Caution: Swing the hip – not the butt!
  • Don’t  completely stiffen the shoulders, but let resonate the spine. Imagine your spine would be a towel that you want to wring.
  • Straighten up! Head and chin up, shoulders back and chest out – “the breast enters the room first”! The arms swing to the side, relaxed. Have “courage to double chin”, one automatically obtains the correct posture.
  • The big toe “leads” your foot, ensures wherever you put it down.
  • While walking, the knee should slightly “kiss”.
  • “Five to one” as basic position while standing and walking. When standing in high heels, the feet can be as inconspicuous alternately relieved.
“Five to One” as basic position

Following these tips, we put on our shoes and tried it out on high heels. It required concentration and practice, but it worked. When I saw our group stumbling through the room, I vowed never again to laugh about “Germany’s Next Top Model”. J  Edeltraud walked in the front, we glided behind. The course was fun, the atmosphere was relaxed and dissolved, it was a lot of laughter.

To top the whole thing, Edeltraud showed us, how to – elegantantly – carry a bag bag or lead a suitcase, master Cobblestone copes and walk up and down some stairs. I felt glamorous and reconciled me with my red pumps when I elegantly floated down the stairs.

Finally, we received a lesson in higheel theory. Edeltraud rated our own shoes and showed us what we should pay attention for in the future when buying shoes:

  • The shoe must fit to the feet. Big feet can basically wear higher shoes because the foot can still push through. Very little feet should stay in smaller highheels, for health reasons. Edeltraud recommended me a maximum height of 6 cm. Higher Shoes are of course possible, but no longer healthy for my foot.
  • Platform shoes make walking easier, since the heel shortens for the foot.
  • The heel should extend slightly obliquely, that makes walking easier.
  • The shoe should not be too hard to avoid bruising and pain. Edeltraud recommended suede.
The heel should extend slightly obliquely
The heel should extend slightly obliquely

For some participants, the difference in the walk at the end was greater than for others – but for everyone, myself included, I could make a more beautiful, more elegant walk. The Highheel training was fun and helped. If you are interested in the training in Munich by Edeltraud, you can find more information HERE. Meanwhile, those courses are however in most major cities. So do not be shy, heels on and off you go!

The next year is once again just around the corner. Let’s see what I’m going to treat myself to 2016 – I will report!


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