Emergency plan

There are sometimes days when you stand in front of the packed wardrobe and just do not know what to wear. I’m convinced that every morning before work millions of women wonder if they can wear this blouse with that skirt or that belt with those shoes? And anyway, what’s better for the office: pants or skirt? These life-changing questions also occupy me every day – and they cost a lot of time. I do not want to know how many days, weeks or months I’ve spent in my life standing in front of the closet and thinking about my outfit …

Men have it much easier. They can wear the same suit for days without being noticed. So while the man simply pulls the dark blue suit out of the closet for the third day in a row and always wears the same black lace-up shoes, the woman has to think for ages what to wear and which accessories work together.

In the case that you can not find anything to wear even after an intense deviation from the pros and cons and time-consuming rummaging through the wardrobe, a woman needs an emergency plan: An outfit that may not be spectacular, but solid – and always suitable. In the office, this is the pencil skirt for me. Combined with a simple blouse or a top, black heels and black bag, the pencil skirt always works. In my example today, I have chosen a light gray top for the black pencil skirt, plus black pointy platform peep toes and a black handle bag made of smooth leather. Finished!









Tatjanas Outfit:

Top: Calvin Klein
Pencil skirt: Patrizia Pepe
Shoes: Roberto Festa
Bag: Coccinelle


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