Nude is the new black

If you browse through the fashion magazines regularly as I do, you will notice again and again that for quite some time especially a color dominated the fashion scene: nude. It is almost everywhere, on the street, in the office, on the catwalk. What was once the little black is now nude. By the way, I do not mean the transparent or short and tight pieces, which left almost nothing of the imagination (you could also go naked) and which are practically not wearable in everyday life – certainly not in the office. What I mean is, in a rather glamorous way, flesh-colored clothing. There is not one nude tone, but often all colors are called nude, which resemble the skin color, such as cream, beige, light brown etc. A tone-in-tone nude look looks noble and sophisticated.

The advantage of this color palette is that it fits almost everything and can easily be combined with other colors. While black can be very dominant and hard, nude is softer and more feminine without appearing weak.

Because nude takes the risk of looking boring, I choose clothes from this color palette which have extraordinary cuts or materials. The outfit gets so much more character. This applies not only to clothing, but also to accessories, shoes and bags.

In my example today, I show you a nude-colored handbag by Coccinelle. I especially like its extraordinary form. The patent leather makes it a real eye-catcher. In the office I like to combine it with a pencil skirt and matching sandals or pumps. In the leisure time it fits well to jeans and ballerinas. It is also suitable for chic events as a (little too big) evening bag. In other words, a true all-rounder!


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