Survival helper

Statistically, women rummage about 76 days of her life in her purse. I just can approve that. No wonder, with all the stuff that I carry with me all the time. When I have a look at the contents of my bag, you might think, I’m planning my escape. Seriously, I could easily survive one week. And I’m apparently not alone. But why is that so? Do we need the feeling to be prepared for all situations in case of emergency? Definitely yes! What if you suddenly have a bubble or a headache? Then a simple patch or an aspirin can decide about life and death.

Highly recommended are also deodorant, floss, handkerchiefs, hairbrush, umbrella, nailfile, mints and a small hand mirror. Here you can check quickly your makeup – it is indispensable especially when you have something in your eye, what curiously very often happened to me. When you’re traveling all day, I would also recommend a powder or Oil-Control Blotting Papers. These are small powder leaves, which absorb the gloss film on the skin without blurring the makeup or leaving color pigments. Frequent pullers can make the makeup blotchy. And please don’t forget the lipstick or lip gloss.

I also have always a charging cable and a mobile phone charger in my bag. From experience I know, that the battery is always empty when you need the phone most. Especially in the business world, nothing should be left to chance. There is nothing more embarrassing than laddered, so always pack spare tights. You see, the list of essential daily companion goes on and on.

All this stuff needs to be stored somewhere, of course. I prefer medium or large bags. Friends often ask me jokingly, if I once again packed the suitcase? But when they need a band-aid…

The bag, which I actually wanted to introduce to you in this post – before I so extensively reports of their content -, meets all the criteria. It is large enough that the whole shebang goes in and still fits perfectly with a business outfit. The hard smooth leather prevents ugly bulges. I like the color and its simplicity, which makes it fit to all without taking too much attention. The outfit is the focal point. Bags by Furla have an excellent quality, which is very important to me. And so this indispensable accessory helps me to survive in the shark tank every day – for that I am willing to dig a little longer :-)


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