Ten facts about Tatjana

In each of my posts you learn a little bit about who I am. For those to whom this is not enough or not fast enough, I have ten more or less important facts about me:

1. In hotels I always sleep in a sleeping bag (germ phobia).

2. With eight years my nephew had bigger feet than me today.

I have shoes size 35

3. My first film in the cinema was Spice World.

4. I can not remember my right hair color.

IMG_0697 (3)
I had red hair for a long time – and brown, black, mahonie…

5. My mother calls me Anastasia.

6. I can not live without wine.


Wine tasting

7. My Pomeranian Teddy needs more space in bed than me.

Teddy is allowed to sleep in my bed…
…that’s okay, I love him

8. I don’t understand twitter.

9. The sweatpants is my enemy.

10. I sleep best on my stomach.


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